The Customer is constantly at the center of attention of Solution Bank S.p.A.

For us it is of fundamental importance to maintain the customer’s trust and this is why we are committed to providing quality services on a daily basis.

However, it may happen that, despite the commitment, in some cases customers’ expectations may be disregarded, generating dissatisfaction for those who believe they have not received a service that meets expectations.

In such circumstances, cooperation and dialogue with the Client become essential to allow the Bank to identify and remove the causes that caused the grievance, to allow the interested party to satisfy his needs and to improve the services offered or remove any critical issues.

Clients who feel that they have not received a level of service appropriate to their expectations or if a problem arises, can contact their Branch to report the reasons for dissatisfaction, request clarification and try to find a solution with the Branch staff.

In case of disputes between the Client and the Bank regarding banking and financial operations and services, investment and insurance brokerage services and activities, the Client may submit a written complaint to the Bank in the following manner:

  • by registered letter A.R. to the following address:


Ufficio Reclami della Repubblica 126

47121 – Forlì (FC)

The Bank will respond as quickly as possible and in any case:

  • within 15 working days from the receipt of the complaint regarding payment services (if in exceptional situations the Bank fails to respond within the aforementioned deadline, it will send the Client an interlocutory response in which it clearly indicates the reasons for the delay and specifies the deadline within which the Client will receive the final response, in any case not exceeding 35 working days);
  • within 60 calendar days, if the complaint relates to banking and financial operations and services – current accounts, deposits, loans, etc.
  • within 60 calendar days if the complaint relates to investment services;
  • within 45 calendar days if the complaint relates to insurance services relating to the placement of insurance or supplementary pension products.

If the complaint is well-founded, the Bank will confirm it in writing to the Client; if the solution of the problem reported by the Client cannot be immediate, or requires organizational or technological interventions, the answer will specify – as far as foreseeable – the technical time required.

If, instead, the Bank does not accept the complaint, it will reply in writing specifying the reasons for its decision.

In this case, or if the Client has not received a reply within the set time limits, or if he is in any case dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the Client may apply to the Judge before appealing:

A. in the case of disputes concerning banking and financial transactions and services, to the Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF): if the disputed fact is prior to the sixth year prior to the date of the filing of the complaint, within the limit of 200,000 euros if the complaint involves a claim for a sum of money. You can find out how to apply to the Banking and Financial Arbitrator at, ask at Bank of Italy Branches, or ask at Solution Bank S.p.A. Branches.

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B. in the event of disputes concerning investment services and activities: to the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (ACF) set up at Consob: within one year of submission of the complaint to the Bank, within the limit of 500. 000 if the complaint involves a request for a sum of money and for matters relating to the violation of the obligations of information, diligence, fairness and transparency by the intermediary; the right to appeal to the Arbitrator cannot be waived by the investor and can always be exercised, even in the presence of clauses on the devolution of disputes to other out-of-court settlement bodies contained in the contracts. For further information on the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (ACF), please consult the following website https:\\

C. even in the absence of a prior complaint: to the banking conciliation body “Conciliatore BancarioFinanziario” to which the Bank has adhered. To find out how to contact the “Conciliatore BancarioFinanziario”, you can request information from the Bank’s branches or on the following website https\\

If you intend to apply to the judicial authorities, you must first, on pain of the impossibility of making the relevant application, go through the mediation procedure before the BankingFinancial Conciliatory Body referred to above, or activate the procedure before the ABF or, for disputes concerning investment services and activities, before the ACF, in accordance with the procedures referred to above. The mediation procedure shall take place before the territorially competent body to which the first application was made and with the assistance of a lawyer. The list of mediation bodies accredited by the Ministry of Justice and registered in the Register of Mediation Bodies pursuant to art. 16 of Legislative Decree 28/2010 is available on the following website https:\\

In any case, the right to: i) submit complaints to the Bank of Italy in the manner provided for and available on the website https:\\;ii) submit complaints to IVASS in the manner provided for and available on the website :\\; iii) submit complaints to COVIP in the manner provided for and available on the website https:\\

All documentation is available on the Bank’s institutional website and at the Branches.

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